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'While there are some additional population level health benefits to both males and females by extending the programme to boys, impact and cost-effectiveness modelling indicates that adding boys is highly unlikely to be cost-effective in the UK.' But experts have pointed out a weakness in the JCVI's herd protection argument.

Jonathan Ball, professor of molecular virology at the University of Nottingham, has previously said: 'It all comes down to cost and how much benefit will be gained from vaccinating boys.'As increasing numbers of girls take up the vaccine then risk of heterosexual transmission decreases and the benefit of vaccinating boys diminishes.

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For instance, some types of HPV can cause warts or verrucas. In 99 per cent of cases, cervical cancer occurs as a result of a history of infection with high-risk types of HPV. Infection with some high-risk types of HPV can cause abnormal tissue growth as well as other cell changes that can lead to cervical cancer.

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